Time to live your perfect day

We are committed to providing comprehensive financial planning that helps you achieve the lifestyle you envision.

What does the term “Financial Planning” mean for me?

It used to be that a “financial planner” was someone who simply managed your investments. Well, times have changed, and we at Financial Dynamics & Associates think our clients deserve more. We help organize and simplify the complex by providing financial planning for all of life’s needs including retirement, investments, taxes, estate and insurance.

Located in Midlothian, Virginia, we serve the surrounding Richmond metro area. We provide customized planning solutions all based on our clients’ ideal “Perfect Day.” When we sit down with you, we’ll learn about your goals for life – your dreams of how it should be. We’ll then create a financial and investment plan to help towards living the life you have always envisioned.

Get Started in

4 Easy Steps

We understand the clients who hire us are busy people! Between career, family and service, they just don’t have a lot of time left over. That is why we have made the steps to work with us straightforward and simple.


Arrange a call with us to discuss your situation. We are excited to meet you and learn about your goals! There is no homework prior to your call; we will take it from here!


We’ll meet in person to discuss your goals and concerns in more detail. We’ll share how we can help you and together decide whether we should move forward.


Using our Complete Planning Review (CPR) process, we’ll review your overall financial plan. We will help streamline goals, cover areas for improvement and simplify your finances.


Working together, we will help implement your financial and investment recommendations. We will set a customized contact schedule to make sure your plan and life stay in sync.

You can also call or text 804.777.9999

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